The story takes place in the near future when everyone in this world of Capital is barcoded, in order to access all personal information. A prisoner of the Capital, Wuyi Wong escapes to the Public Housing, an anarchal free land. Yet he is jailed again here, considered suspicious as a Capital spy. He struggles to prove his innocence in order to remain in the Public Housing, whereas eventually he discovers that the Public Housing is just the Capital in another shape.


female, 30-35, Gau Gam’s sister, professional GP, a refugee in the Public Housing. Lu is intellectual, doing her very best to care for everyone’s life but her own, and pragmatic. Language: Mandarin/English(British accent preferred)


male, (visually)23, Lu’s younger brother, who commited suicide ten years ago to oppose the Citizen Code Implanting. His statue is established in the Public Housing. He is decent and inspiring, good at speech.



male, 20-25, an escapee in the Public Housing. Wong is highfalutin, adventurous but ingénu. Language: Mandarin(Southern accent preferred)/English


male, 30-40, one of the committee members of the Public Housing. NJ used to be a high school teacher in Economics in the Capital. NJ is trustful, has a sense of justice but prejudiced. Language: Cantonese/English(British accent preferred)

NJ’s subordinators

female/male, 20-30, good looking, devoting, slim preferred. Language: English or any kind of Chinese

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