The Film

The story takes place in the near future when everyone in this world of Capital is barcoded, in order to access all personal information. A prisoner of the Capital, Wuyi Wong escapes to the Public Housing, an anarchal free land. Yet he is jailed again here, considered suspicious as a Capital spy. He struggles to prove his innocence in order to remain in the Public Housing, whereas eventually he discovers that the Public Housing is just the Capital in another shape.

Director’s Statement 

During the pandemic, my mother told me a story about the theory of incurable wound. She said sometimes when a patient is recovering from a wound, the scab would still feel painful. It is because the scab is a fake tissue surface. The flesh beneath the scab is still festering. I found it really inspiring as a metaphor for the history and aftermath surrounding social issues, which has caused trauma on a whole generation and their children.
In my sci-fi story, all the residents think they have escaped out of the Capital of authoritarianism. The Public Housing is the new homeland for this diasporic community to recover. They think they’ve established a new system that respects freedom and human rights. Wuyi, as a prisoner, wants to pursue quality of life with freedom here. Lu, as a sister, guilty and shameful by her defiant brother’s suicide, wants to start a new page of her life here. NJ, as one of the organizers of the Public Housing system, wants to secure this idealised space. Yet the trauma of loss and being controlled continuously affects them, just like an incurable wound. Will anyone be able to escape the repeating loop of their past?